Olga Stefatou is a photographer and visual artist, born in Athens, Greece.

She focuses on the quest of identity and the human evolution in the geopolitical context. Olga has travelled worldwide and extensively in Asia, producing photography and video on social and humanitarian issues. She is attracted by the power of storytelling in order to reflect people’s struggles and insights.

Her work has been published in Der Spiegel, Amnesty International, National Geographic, NBC news, Le Monde Diplomatique, Huffington Post and The Economist among others.

Most recently she participated in the pioneering project “Solar Impulse” – the first attempt of solar flight around the world. She has also been involved in the award winning multimedia project “the Prism” and the feature film “Crisis”. She is a member of the Greek collective art-project ‘Depression Era’.

Olga studied photography at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and in 2012 she obtained her Masters degree in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Bolton, UK based in Beijing, China.


  • Photoeil award, “Relative Dating”, First prize 2016.
  • Summer Davos debates, “Feng Yuan / Parched Homes”, Finalist 2012.
  • One World Media Awards, “Parched Homes”, Shortlisted 2012.


 Solo exhibitions:

  • ‘Relative Dating’, Photoeil prize, NegPos Gallery (Nîmes, France) 2017
  • ‘Relative Dating’, Photoeil prize, ‘Rencontres Cinématographiques’ (Cerbère, France) 2016

 Group exhibitions:

  • Relative Dating2017 Boutographies festival (Montpellier, France) 
  • ‘Relative Dating’ 2017 in projection format at FEST FOTO Brasil 2017 (Porto Alegre,Brasil)
  • ‘HAPPY WORLD’ 2016 in projection format at Encontros Da Imagem International Photography festival (Braga, Portugal)
  • ‘Depression Era’ 2015 Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art
  • ‘Depression Era’ 2014 Benaki Museum (Athens,Greece)
  • ‘Women in Asia’ 2014 JeonJun photo festival (Seoul-Korea)
  • ‘Christian Folk Culture’ 2012 Biennial Phoenix Photography Festival (Fenghuang, China)
  • ‘Connecting people’ 2013 Cervantes Institute (Athens-Greece)
  • ‘Silent Crossing’ 2012 Multimedia art festival (Yangon, Myanmar)
  • ‘Through Waters’ 2012 (Tianjin, Chongqing,China)
  • ‘Locus Loci’ 2010 Photobiennale Festival (Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • ‘Make History’ 2010 Lee (Modena, Italy)
  • ‘Prestige’ 2004 Photosyngiria Festival (Thessaloniki, Greece)


Teaching experience:

  • Photography lessons to the employees of Procter & Gamble Company, 2010-2011
  • Photography lessons to people with mental disabilities at the Social Association ‘Ef Zin’ (voluntarily), 2009-2010