Relative Dating

Relative Dating” is the attempt to activate memories and create a chain reaction on the quest for human individuality. Concerned with concepts of cultural and social traditions, I explore the connection of identity and transformation at the ruined Vlahata village on Kefalonia Island in Greece, where part of my origin comes from.

Kefalonia Island belongs to one of the most active earthquake zones in Greece, where I used to spend long periods of my childhood. Life changed completely on August 12th in 1953 when one of the greatest (7.2 on the Richter scale) earthquakes struck in Greece. The Vlahata village like most towns suffered total damage and has remained abandoned in forests of ancient olive trees. This is the sign of a vivid connection to my past. Here, time loses the dimension of the absolute and the ground loses certainty.

I started to photograph the village and the surrounding mountainous area in 2006 during summers, expressing the need to relive my childhood. In 2013, after a year of living abroad, I returned to Greece. Overwhelmed by the consequences from the crisis, I felt the need to dig into my inner being and define my identity. Since then, I have often visited the village where most of my ancestors were born in order to evaluate beliefs and either embrace or ‘set them’ free from constraints.

The work is examined through a multifaceted visual approach and the scientific prism. It combines self-improvisations, installations, video-art and documentation of people who have similar roots to me. The photographs are accompanied with words from the glossary of seismic terminology relative to geology and building science.

Across the stones, liberated possibilities arise regarding identity, home, family, femininity and evolution. On this familiar territory and through my work, I long to experience the way creativity is conductive and has the power to redefine the personal and collective consciousness.