Happy world

‘HAPPY WORLD’ is my journey in Burma the last 10 years motivated by the quest of happiness and freedom.

‘HAPPY WORLD’ explores the dream of freedom within different manifestations of individuality, under the pressure of dictatorship in Myanmar.

When I arrived for the first time in 2006 I found a nation living in a total paradox. I felt captivated on a very personal level by the multidimensional layers of realities. The ‘calligraphic’ landscape, the abused reality and people’s ethereal nature alongside the admirable struggle for freedom coexist on the extreme edges.

My initial intention to explore Myanmar was to photograph the land that established one of the cruelest juntas and had embraced Aung San Suu Kyi, the woman who encouraged political action without violence against the military regime.

I have many short but very strong memories of young or aged people crossing my way and whispering to me ‘I am not free’ or ‘I am not happy, thus I can’t smile’. I felt connected to those people regarding my deeper quests on independence. Can we experience freedom or happiness locked in a ‘cage’? How can we transform the oppressed emotions and manipulated thoughts to a free action?

The junta is known for the merciless way of ruling for over 50 years. A turning point in the history of Myanmar was in 2010 when the president U Thein Shein released Aung San Suu Kyi and thousands of political prisoners. The two milestone victories led by the ‘Lady’ on April 1st 2012 and November 8th 2015 claimed the beginning of a new era. Even though democracy still seems to be far away, there is no return to the past isolation.

‘HAPPY WORLD’ is a series of images linking the recent past of Myanmar to the present during historical transformational time. It is a visual capture of a country living on the edges of darkness and progress.