2014 – Today: Creative Director of the Arts Program at Saristra Festival on the Greek island of Kefalonia. 

Saristra Festival

In August 1953, one of the most devastating earthquakes in the history of Kefalonia left Palia Vlahata in ruins and turned it into a “ghost village”. More than 60 years later, a group of young islanders were inspired by the village’s magical atmosphere and long history to create an event that would breathe life back to Palia Vlahata.

That idea give birth to Saristra festival, a three-day modern celebration of music and arts that has been taking place every summer since 2012.

Offering a diverse array of artistic events, Saristra Festival invites visitors and artists to embark on a journey through the past, present and future in order to create a collective memory in the abandoned village and also redefine the relationship between the old and the new.

Thanks to the variety of the events and the singularity of the location, the festival each year attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. Saristra is a free-of-charge festival, and most of its visitors are young people from Greece and abroad who seek a contemporary experience rooted in a natural landscape full of memories of a bygone era.

Saristra Arts

During the festival’s Arts programme, the wrecks of the houses in the old village are transformed into captivating spaces for visual art exhibitions, site-specific installations, performances, film screenings, seminars and lectures, as well as activities for children. 

The festival’s events comprise a mix of styles and genres which, while varied, share a common desire for freedom that intuitively unites them in a purposeful way. 

To be sure, the art presented at Saristra Festival is defined by certain prevailing concepts ranging from identity, trauma and crisis to revival, transformation and passion.

Inspired by the landscape, the participating artists express the untold, introduce new cultures and share their personal discoveries. The philosophy of Saristra Festival is based on the idea of social evolution though the arts, and for this reason it is important that each artist is present at the festival.

For more information about Saristra Festival, please check the link https://saristrafestival.gr/ .