May 06


My work ‘Relative Dating’ is exhibited in Boutographies from May 6 to 28 at Pavillion Populaire de Montpelier. A big thank you to the Boutographies amazing team Susanne Klein, Christian Macotta, Arnaud Laroche, Peter Vass, Julie Pailley, Mathilde Alsina and Rachele Ceccarelli.

Since 2001 The Boutographies – Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier have been oriented towards young, emerging European talent. After seven years in the Boutonnet district (hence the name) the event moved in 2008 to the centre of Montpellier, where it now offers photographers, public and partners one of the finest exhibition spaces in the south of France. Pavillion Populaire de Montpelier, which hosts the festival is a space dedicated only to photography.